Classic Package

Two Day Reservation

The Classic Package is becoming more and more popular as it gives you the opportunity to choose between two unique ways to plan your wedding at the ranch!

Option 1: The first option was designed to ensure the highest quality assurance for your wedding. This structure gives you the ability to devote your first day to preparation, making sure everything is perfect for your wedding, and then have a rehearsal dinner that evening.  Then day two can be completely focused on your wedding! You can take your time making any final preparations and focus on getting ready to make your way down the aisle. After your “I do's” the venue is ready for you and your guests to enjoy the celebration! Your time is spent exactly the way you have planned, enjoying every moment until it is time to say your goodbyes.

Option 2: The second option is designed to maximize the time spent with your guests. This structure allows you to utilize the morning of the first day for set up with the afternoon set aside for your wedding and celebrating! This gives you the ability to prolong the celebration into the night and take in all the festivities. Your second day can then be utilized as a day for reminiscing with your family and friends! Whether you wish to have a brunch, enjoy yard games and activities, or simply enjoy the venue in good company.

Both options are great structures and offer their own unique attributes. The Classic Package gives you the ability to make your wedding more than just a single day. Now you can make it a wedding weekend!

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