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Classic Package


Choose between a welcome gathering or a farewell brunch with our Classic package. The three-day access not only accommodates key events like the ceremony and reception but also creates an environment where you and your guests can fully embrace every moment of this special occasion, without feeling the pressures of stressful time constraints.

Whether it's the joyful anticipation of a welcome party or the laid-back camaraderie of a post-wedding brunch, the Classic package guarantees a personalized and unforgettable touch that will refine your Colorado wedding celebration!


Classic Package Structures

Option One

Day 1: Setup, Rehearsal + Welcome Gathering
Day 2: Wedding Day
Day 3: Venue Restoration

Let the wedding excitement begin! On the first day, begin wedding setup and preparations, and wrap up with an optional welcome gathering to set the tone for your guests of what's to come. The second day is all about your wedding – take your time with final preparations, gear up for your walk down the aisle, say those magical "I do's," and let the venue transform into the perfect reception spot! Creekside cocktails under the pavilion followed by dinner and dancing into the night. Create unforgettable memories with your family and friends until it's time to bid farewell. No need to stress about post-celebration cleanup, as day three is dedicated to venue cleanup and restoration. Get ready for a celebration filled with joy, love, and unforgettable moments.

Option Two

Day 1: Setup + Rehearsal
Day 2: Wedding Day
Day 3: Farewell Brunch + Restoration

Day one kicks off with the wedding setup and preparations. On day two, dive into the heart of the celebration with the ceremony and reception. Take the morning to finalize details and prepare for your walk down the aisle. Once you've said "I do" seamlessly transition to your unforgettable reception at the event barn and creekside pavilion. Dance your way into the night, soaking up every festive vibe. Finally, day three is for joyous reminiscing with family and friends and exiting at your own pace. Host brunch or invite your guests to gather once more before a final farewell or simply kick back and enjoy the ranch atmosphere! Once your goodbyes are finished, enjoy having ample time to complete cleanup and restoration before your final exit.

As you explore both options, each structure showcases its distinctive charm. Opt for the Classic Package, and watch your wedding extend beyond a single day – transforming into an entire weekend of celebration.

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